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Itinerary from Palau to Spargi

EN 1 - da PALAU a SPARGI 7

BREAK: 2h.30

Itinerary from Palau to Spargi. The tour of La Maddalena archipelago is made up of several stages during the day. The trip to Palau is the first stop on the island of Spargi, located northeast of La Maddalena archipelago. Our journey starts here,  from the port of Palau, a mythical place for all Sardinians. The story tells us that Admiral Nelson was attracted to the port and stayed there from November 1, 1803 to January 11, 1805, before returning to the Victory and accompanying the thirteen ships of his successor.

Coming to the island of Spargi, with its striking round shape it offers a glimpse of wild and uncontaminated nature. Already in the distance you will be able to admire the intricate vegetation, and especially in the hinterland it becomes a hideous spot, while on the coast there are cliffs of granite sculptured by the wind. Among the jagged rocks, visitors to the site recognize the action of the wind that by skilled stone-masonry has reproduced the appearance of a dog, a witch, a Dutch hoof, the profile of the Italian peninsula, and even that of Elvis that fascinates observers unleashing their  imagination.

The island of Spargi is the ideal place for sports enthusiasts, in fact, it is very popular with snorkeling, but it also has the perfect view to enjoy nature’s delights and enjoy a typical meal. The two-and-a-half-hour stop is just at lunch time.

Lunch on board the Petagus

Penne alla marinara (1st plate included if you book online)
Piras pecorino with vegetable rennet (on request)
Cannonau Deaddis wineries (on request)
Marinated mussels (on request)
White wine prawns (on request)
Mirto Filu and Ferru (Sardinian grappa) (on request)
Coffee (on request)

EN 1 - da PALAU a SPARGI 8

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