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Itinerary from Le Piscine to La Maddalena

EN 4- da Le Piscine a La Maddalena 7


Itinerary from Le Piscine to La Maddalena. We will cover Maddalena, Cala d’Inferno, the Fishermen’s Church built by Uncle Giacomo Scotto devoted to Our Lady for saving him from several shipwrecks.
French Cala (the most important granite quarry on the island in the past worked more than 400 stonecutters, contributing to the island’s socio-economic development that led to the beginning of the 19th century to be known as Little Paris) and finally the characteristic historical center Cala Gavetta chosen by the first inhabitants, shepherds, as the most sheltered from the dominant “maestral” wind.

On February 23, 1723, Napoleon sought to annex the Archipelago to France, since it has always been considered militarily strategic. The island’s defense was miraculous, with men far fewer and more capable of succeeding than giving up. In fact a young isolate Domenico Millelire head of the island garrison was awarded the 1st medal to the military value of the real Sarda Marina.


Stop at La Maddalena (50min.)

You can stroll through the old town La Maddalena

La Maddalena

La Maddalena

Visit at La Maddalena

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