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Frequent questions

On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions that our customers have asked. For example: how to get off the boat to have a swim, which clothes to wear, if the tour is suitable for children, where to park near the port of Palau etc …

If you can not find your answer to these questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Which way can I travel to Palau? What time should I leave for the boat?

From Cagliari-Olbia SS131
Olbia  Palau SS 125
km 320

Oristano-Olbia SS 131
Olbia-Palau SS 125
km 210

Nuoro -Olbia SS 131
Olbia-Palau SS 125
km 144

Olbia-Palau SS 125
km 55

Arzachena-Palau SS 125
km 14


Cannigione-Palau SP 13
km 12


SS127- SS291- (E25 SS131)- sp 3- sp68 -SS 672-SS127-SS 133
km 152

KM 101

How can I book the tour?

You can buy the ticket in several ways:

– directly online with this link BOOK NOW

– book it by phone with this number via sms or whatsapp tel:+3938078.30.853

How do I recognize the boat when I get to the pier?

The white boat with a red stripe. On the stern you find the Petagus logo

Is it possible to go down and visit La Maddalena?

There is an additional option (cost of € 2.50). La Maddalena is a beautiful small town with a beautiful historic center and 25 km of beautiful beaches, and marinas.

How much is the boat tour for the Arcipelago La Maddalena tour?

Ticket price depends on seasonality. Look at the prices by clicking BOOK NOW

What’s the name of the boat?

Its name is Petagus.
And our two dachshunds Peta and Gus 🙂 http://www.petagus.it/

Is the archipelago islands inhabited?​

The island of Maddalena is home to about 12,000 people. There are about 20 summer houses on the island of S. Maria.

What if I can not attend the tour but have already paid by buying the ticket online?

If you alert us by 9.45 you will be given to the first available date without any penalties.

What is this tax of landing?

The contribution of landing, is an alternative to the tax, and it is set up, in implementation of the ‘Article 4 of Legislative Decree 23/2011, mod. by Law 44/2012 of the DL 16/2012 converted amended by ‘Art. 33 of the Law of December 28, 2015, # 221, as amended by Decree “Thousand extensions” 2016, DL 30 December 2016 n. 244, already passed into law 27 February 2017 n. 19, with Regolamento Comunale  C.C. n. 16 of 30.4.2016 supplemented and amended by Del. CC. 12 and 13 of 31.03.2017;

It must be paid by all individuals, to reach the islands of the municipality of La Maddalena, using carriers that provide scheduled services or carrying out transportation of people for commercial purposes, enabled and allowed to make connections to the islands the Municipality of La Maddalena; The landing contribution is payable per passenger and must be received in the period from January 1 to December 31 of each year.

The measure of the tax is equal to:

– € 0.50 in the period from October 1 to March 31

– € 2.50 from 01 April to 30 September;

– € 5,00 from 01 June to 31 August for landings only in the smaller islands.

The contribution is not cumulative. They are exempted from payment of the contribution the people residing in the town, the commuters, commuter students and those who visit the island in hospitals for health reasons and their companions as well as the natives of our common although non-resident, are exempted minors from zero to six years and for residents in the municipality of Palau is considered useful the first payment of the landing fee, valid for all the additional inputs in the calendar year of payment, upon presentation of the same ticket and the appropriate document to attest to the residency

in the municipality of Palau; They are likewise obliged to pay for those who own properties eligible to an IMU in the municipality of La Maddalena and the members of their families.

Can I take home a handful of sand?

No, it is absolutely forbidden by the law. The Harbor Master’s Office applies sanctified sanctions in case a person finds sand, rocks or other natural indigenous elements.

How many departures are there daily?

The boat leaves the harbor at 10:30, it is compulsory to check in at least one hour before in August and half an hour in the other months.

Is it mandatory to print the ticket for the tour to La Maddalena?

No, you just need to keep it on your smartphone!

(you can download the PDF file from the mail we send you once the booking is accepted)

Can i fish?

Fishing is absolutely forbidden, we are in fact in a protected area. The Maddalena Archipelago is National Park

I prefer to take a trip to the islands with fewer people aboard, do you have any suggestions?

Certainly, if you prefer a quieter tour, we do personalized  trips. CONTACT US NOW

Can I board with a wheelchair for disabled?

Of course, there are no problems.

How many people can stand on the Petagus motonave?

The number of people on board depends on the season. In any case, the maximum number is 185

Is the Tour Child Friendly?

It is recommended to bring the children in low and mid-season

When do the excursions start and when do they finish?

Boat excursions for the Maddalena Archipelago tour start on May 1st and end on September 30th. Book Online to get a the Place!

Can I charge my cell battery?

Certainly, we have electrical outlets.

I do not know what to wear, can you give me suggestions?

Typical beachwear. We also suggest you to wear a hat and sunblocks, tanning or protective creams, it depends on you!

How do you get off the beach?

There is a quay in Spargi, so we will be ascending and descending from the stern.

In Santa Maria, the same thing, there is a quay but in this case you will descend from the bow gangway

I’m afraid of getting burnt, is there shade on the boat?

Yes, we have two bridges: one lower always well protected from the sun and one above where we can open the gazebo if needed

Can I dive the boat?

Yes!!! In the lagoon of Budelli, the most beautiful part of the archipelago and the strong part of the tour with Petagus. You can dive into the fantastic NATURAL POOLS

Can I bring animals on board?

If they are small, yes! However, I recommend using the leash and muzzle. They will make friends with our mascot Peta and Gus

Can you swim?

Of course, bathing in these clear waters is wonderful! Remember, however, that it is forbidden to take away the sand!

If, in addition to the first one, I wanted to eat something else, what menu do you have?

We have a meat appetizer, a fish appetizer, mussels and white prawns.

What are the stops of excursions?

Check out the whole itinerary with our VIRTUAL TOUR

What are the included in the services?

In addition to the excursion, snorkeling equipment and guide services are included

Will you explain what we will see?

It is a pleasure to tell the story of the places we are going through.

Is lunch included?

If you book ONLINE, the first dish(pasta alla marinara) it’s included

How many toilets are on board?​

On the boat we have a ladies bathroom and a gentlemans bathroom

What time does the tour end?

We will be back at the port at 17:30. Do you want suggestions on what to see in Palau?

How does parking work?

Paid parking tickets are equipped with tickets, we advise you to bring coins

Do you have a bar service on board?

Of course, we always have plenty of water, drinks, snacks, and sandwiches

What time is the tour?

We leave at 10:30, it is strongly recommended to be there 30min before to facilitate check-in operations

When I arrived in Palau, where can I park?

Free parking spaces are few, but there is a discreet availability of paid parking spaces. That’s why it’s important to get there a bit earlier so that we can board on time

Entering Palau, immediately after the level crossing:

– take the first right (leaving the carabinieri station on the left)

– Take the ascent and go for about 200 meters

– turn on the first right

– arrived at the roundabout, you will be in front of a left turning, the first paid parking.

– or from the roundabout, turn right, after 100 meters turn left until you reach the second parking near the marina

Can I book a specific seat?

It is not possible, sorry. During the day you can sit where you want in relation to available, take care to keep any luggage with you.

Where does Maddalena’s tour start from?

The excursion of the Maddalena archipelago starts from Palau from the marina which is on corner of the Piazza del Molo