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Dinghy rental Arcipelago La Maddalena

Rosa La Maddalena Beach. This is the symbol of the Natural Park, a myth that was born thanks to the Red Desert movie by Antonioni. In order to preserve its beauty and the health of its ecosystem, since 1988 the beach is a protected area wholly from any type of mooring. Getting close to the Pink beach with the dinghy is still possible and you can admire it as a work of art, as a true masterpiece of nature, however there is a ban from treading its shoreline and  bathing.

Sailing the wonderful waters of the Gulf of Palau and La Maddalena is a unique experience.

The floral richness, the clarity of the sea, the great biodiversity of native species represent a great beauty for all mankind. It is no coincidence that in 1994 the National Park of the Archipelago of Maddalena was established and nominated by the European Union Site of Community Interest.


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