The boat for your tour across the Archipelago

Motonave Petagus

Motonave Petagus

The Petagus Motonave is the ideal boat to admire the beauty of the Maddalena archipelago. The comfort and stability of the boat, coupled with the on-board services such as the bar and refreshment area, will make your trip to the islands of Palau – La Maddalena truly unforgettable!
La motonave Petagus è stata ideata e costruita appositamente per la parte più bella dell’Arcipelago, grazie al suo limitato pescaggio vi consentirà una visione integrale!


  • Shipyard: F.lli Rossi Viareggio
  • Year : 1991
  • Materiale: Alluminio
  • Length. : 23 mt
  • Width. : 6 mt
  • Vel. max: 18 nodi
  • Pax : 185

Crew: 5

  • Commander
  • Motorista
  • Cook
  • Sailor
  • Guide

Services on board:

  • Bar service
  • Refreshment service
  • Two bathrooms
  • Double deck
  • Sunshade curtains
  • RTF service
  • Guide
  • Snorkeling masks

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