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About 7 hours of navigation with the Petagus motor ship in the Archipelago of La Maddalena

We will make several stops where you can go down to the beach with the appropriate ladder. In some stops it will also be possible to swim by diving from the boat

Insurance for participants

Audio commentary on board in Italian and English

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shepherd’s appetizer (cheese, sausage, olives, bread)
marinara dish (with tomato sauce with shrimps)

you can buy snacks and sandwiches at the bar or take a packed lunch.

Obligatory entry fee to the Archipelago of La Maddalena National Park to be paid cash at boarding for each individual passenger

May € 2,50
June € 5
July € 5
August € 5
September € 2,50
October € 2

Boat trip to La Maddalena Archipelago with the Petagus motor ship
The tour to discover the archipelago of the Maddalena islands lasts a whole day. The seven hours of excursion are marked by longer or shorter stops in heavenly places, by very fun experiences that transform a day of vacation into a unique experience full of emotions!

The Petagus motor ship
The Petagus motor ship is the ideal boat to admire the beauty of the Maddalena archipelago. The comfort and stability of the boat, combined with the services on board such as the bar and refreshment point, will make your trip to the Palau islands – La Maddalena truly unforgettable! The Petagus motor ship was designed and built specifically for the most beautiful part of the Archipelago: in fact, thanks to its limited draft it will allow you an integral view!

Multilingual guide
During the boat trips to the La Maddalena Archipelago you can always count on the presence of the commander, on the safety offered by the presence of a qualified motorist and a sailor, while a tourist guide illustrates the territory the natural beauty and all the attractions of the place and a cook prepares irresistible delicacies.

Expert crew
The safety of an experienced crew. During the boat trips to the La Maddalena Archipelago you can always count on the presence of the commander, on the safety offered by the presence of a qualified motorist and a sailor, while a tourist guide illustrates the territory the natural beauty and all the attractions of the place and a cook prepares irresistible delicacies.

Bar service on board
If during the day dedicated to the La Maddalena tour you feel like something good, a fresh and refreshing drink, you can go to the bar service or soon the restaurant always active on the Petagus motor ship. Those who choose to experience the excursions of the Maddalena archipelago on board of Petagus can take advantage of two services and move freely from one bridge to another. While sailing on Petagus, during your boat trips to La Maddalena nothing will escape you. The maximum speed reached is 18 knots and you will always be able to look around and be enchanted by an unspoiled landscape.


Departure from the port of Palau

Our journey starts right from the port of Palau, a mythical place for all Sardinians. The story goes that Admiral Nelson also docked there and stayed here from November 1, 1803 to January 11, 1805 before resuming on board the Victory and accompanied by the thirteen ships of his retinue.

Stop on Spargi’s Island beaches

The first stop on our trip is the Cala Corsara beach at the island of Spargi located west of the La Maddalena Archipelago. The rounded shape of the island of Spargi is striking, offering wild and unspoiled nature to the eye. Already in the distance you can admire the intricate vegetation that especially in the hinterland becomes a very thick Mediterranean scrub. On the coast stand out granite cliffs sculpted by the wind. Among the jagged rocks, the visitors of the place recognize the action of the wind that, as a skilled stonemason, has reproduced the physiognomy of a dog, a witch, a Dutch hoof, the profile of the Italian peninsula and even that of Elvis that fascinate observers and trigger the imagination. The island of Spargi is the ideal place for sports lovers, in fact, snorkeling is widespread but it also presents the ideal panorama to linger and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Panoramic view of Pink Beach

In Budelli Island we can admire the Pink Beach which is one of the most important and well-known symbols of the La Maddalena Archipelago. In this uncontaminated territory, in the early 1960s Michelangelo Antonioni shot the film Deserto Rosso starring Monica Vitti. Why is it called the pink beach? Because the color of the sand is … pink! The spectacular hue is due to pink organisms that ‘inhabit’ the Posidonia oceanica meadows, mainly skeletons of Miriapora truncata bryozoans and Miniacina miniacea foraminifera. When these organisms die their shells are dragged to the shore and chopped up by the action of water and wind. In this way the sand composed of these tiny fragments takes on a pink color. To protect this fragile and wonderful ecosystem, boats have not been anchored or bathed since più importanti e conosciuti dell’Arcipelago di La Maddalena. In questo territorio incontaminato, agli inizi degli anni 60 Michelangelo Antonioni vi girò il film Deserto Rosso con protagonista Monica Vitti.
Perché si chiama spiaggia rosa?
Perché il colore della sabbia è… rosa! La spettacolare tinta si deve a un microrganismo di colore rosa che ‘abita’ le praterie di Posidonia oceanica. Quando muore, i gusci vengono trascinati a riva, sminuzzandosi per l’azione di acqua e vento e, così facendo, la sabbia si tinge di questo colore.
Per proteggere questo fragilissimo e meraviglioso ecosistema dal 1998 non è consentito l’ancoraggio di barche né la balneazione.

Stop on Island’s S. Maria beaches

The second stop is scheduled on the island of Santa Maria. The trip cannot leave out this stage: the purity of light, the crystal clear sea and the white beaches will conquer you. The beach of the same name, whose name derives from the Benedictine convent built on the small island, welcomes travelers in search of relaxation and distractions.

Stop at Natural Pools

The tour continues with a stop at the Natural Pools. A swim in the Natural Pools of the La Maddalena National Park restores the body and spirit and feeds the energy reserves. These natural pools are located on the island of Budelli and are really known and renowned all over the world.

Navigation to La Maddalena

Leaving the Natural Pools we will sail to La Maddalena. We will skirt Cala d’Inferno, the fishermen’s church built by Zio Giacomo Scotto devoted to the Madonna for having saved him from several shipwrecks. We will see Cala Francese, the most important granite quarry on the island which employed over 400 stonemasons and which contributed to the socio-economic development of the island so much that at the beginning of the 19th century La Maddalena was known as little Paris. Finally we will arrive in the characteristic historical center in Cala Gavetta, a settlement chosen by the first inhabitants of the Corsican shepherds, as it is more sheltered from the prevailing wind as the “mistral or mistral”.

Stop in the historic center of La Maddalena

Shopping stop in the historic center of La Maddalena. A bit of history … On February 23, 1723, Napoleon tried to annex the Archipelago to France as it has always been considered militarily strategic. Miraculous was the island’s defense which with far fewer and better equipped men managed to desist the French. For this reason, a young islander, Domenico Millelire, at the head of the island garrison was awarded the 1st military valor medal of the real Marina Sarda.

Navigation and return to Palau

Return navigation to the port in Palau. Leaving the historic center we will skirt the Island of S. Stefano, the islet of Fear with the monument in memory of the battleship Rome. Shortly before returning to Porto Eolo, it still surprises us with the most beautiful rock in Gallura, the symbol of Palau and national monument: the Bear Rock. Do not miss the incredible sunset at his feet!


Arrival at the tourist port of Palau

Place of departure: Palau tourist port.

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  • Adults € 50

    11-99 years old

  • Childern € 35

    5-10 years old

  • Infants € 15

    0-4 years old


  • Adults € 60

    11-99 years old

  • Childern € 45

    5-10 years old

  • Infants € 20

    0-4 years old


  • Adults € 65

    11-99 years old

  • Childern € 50

    5-10 years old

  • Infants € 50

    0-4 years old


  • Adults € 50

    11-99 years old

  • Childern € 30

    5-10 years old

  • Infants € 20

    0-4 years old

  • It is recommended to arrive 60 minutes before departure during the month of August and 40 minutes earlier for all other months.
  • Bring your swimsuit, beach towel, sunglasses, hat, tanning cream and, if you are chilly, a sweatshirt (it may be useful to return, especially in low season)

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